Ticket Management System - Mobile

A multi-center Ticket Management System for receiving locate request tickets, managing locator workflow and assignments, transmitting positive responses back to the originating One Call center, transmitting notifications to excavators and providing meters for managers to effectively manage their locate teams and response times. Along with the web application, we wanted the user  out in the field to still be able to access their work flow, so we designed and built a mobile application.

Image of a ticket management list.

Progressive Web App

After a lot of research and many conversations, we decided as a team that the best decision was to build a Progressive Web App (PWA) instead of a dedicated app for both iOS and Android. This presented some challenges and opportunities in how the mobile version could be built. I had to intentionally design the web version so that it would easily translate into a PWA, while still giving the feeling of a dedicated system application.

New Login/Sign up Screen

Menu View

New ticket list view

New ticket details view

V2 ticket list with map

V2 ticket details with map

V2 ticket details expanded