{ Product Design/UX/UI }

{ Web Design & Free Templates }

Examples of websites that I have designed and built. I enjoy building these and then giving them away for free so that other people can use it for their own projects.

{ Creations & Unpolished Doodles}

Some of these are done and some of these are unfinished or unpolished. If you see something that's unfinished and you find it interesting, maybe we can work on it together and finish it!

Unum Crystal 01

// Discovered on the oldest and most distant known galaxy in the universe. Clouds of gas, falling inward, colliding with each other, causing shock waves and ripples through time, create these rare crystals in the center of the planet. Through centuries of movements at the core of the planet, these crystals are brought to the planets surface. Their full power is unknown, but with proper training, they can be wielded to make powerful sabers.

// Planet: Gn-z11
// Crystal Number: 01/111