Product Designer.

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Fruit of labour

Brand Identity, Design, Product Design, Web

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Product Design:

image of a Norfield website homepage.

A website for a utility company.

AI Answering Dashboard

Building user-centered dashboard experiences for the AI Answering service
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Online Ordering Dashboard

Designing the online ordering dashboard
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Ticket Management System - Web

Redesigned a 40 year old GIS software from scratch improving usability and lowering software usage frustration by over 80%.
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Ticket Management System - Mobile

Designing the first mobile app for TMS.
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Design doodles:

Some of the stuff below is client work but most of it is incomplete doodles. That's okay, I had fun doing it.

A multi-colored Kyber crystal.
My childhood in a package.
An exercise on expressions.
Keep your germs to yourself.
Black lives rising. Juneteenth.
Simon's Law.
Nike skin - don't know what to call this one.